Natasha Nice

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Date of birth:July 28, 1988

Country:United States

Eye color:Blue

Hair color:Brown

Height:5'2" | 157cm

Bra size:34D (US)| 75E (EU)

Waist:27 | 69

Hips:38 | 97

Shoe size:7½ | 38

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When were you born

July 28th 1988

How did you find your stage name?

I wanted a name that sounded promiscuous and all the 'Natashas' I ever knew very very sexual. I chose the name 'Nice' with my first agent who thought it sounded very sweet, because I'm a nice girl.

Do you often come to Europe? How do you like Budapest?

I was born in Paris and lived there 3 years. I've visited 4 times. I like Budapest a lot, especially the architecture. I flew from Prague. I didn't like Prague as much as Budapest.

What do you find different here?

Everything. The styles, the arts, the stores, commercial ads. The only thing that is the same is sex and music.

What do you think about DDF Productions?

They are awesome. Denys is very professional and I like their vision of sexy.

What kinds of scenes are you shooting with DDF?

I'm shooting a blowjob scene, 2 girl-girl scenes, and a leg fetish girl-girl scene.

Do you like boys or girls?


Did you like girls before getting into porn?

Yes. I'd stare at them in school all the time. They thought I was weird!

Have you ever had to tell a man you like that you're in porn? How was his reaction?

I tell them all the time. They're always shocked! They always think I'm such a sweet girl. They don't know I'm horny too!

What's your life philosophy?

If you're a smart person, you can achieve success without fucking people over.

Do you remember your first scene in front of the camera? How did you feel? Was it a good experience?

It was a scene for Red Light District with John Strong, you can find it in Cum Stained Casting Couch 7. It was a good, but VERY hardcore. Afterwards I thought that I didn't want to do it anymore. But that was then, if I had to do the same scene again, I'd love it!!

When was the first time you masturbated? What made you horny? What did you fantasize about during it?

9 years old. I didn't fantasize about anything at the time. I just humped my pillows and teddy bears.

How old were you when you first tried a vibrator? Did it feel good?

I made my own vibrator when I was 15. It felt great!

When did you lose your virginity? Where was it?

I was 17. It was in a boy´s room in California. He was 16. We were actually watching porn, and I was sucking his dick while he fingered me. It turned me on so much that I decided to try sex.

When and where did you have your first orgasm?

In the bathtub of a hotel in Sequoia Park, California. At first I thought it was from the devil. That's weird I know.

Do you have a fetish?

Not really. Short girls getting fucked in the ass turns me on!

What is your sexual fantasy that hasn’t come true yet?

I want to be a schoolgirl who gets in trouble with her principal and has to fuck him.

What do you do for fun?

I play basketball, and I love drinking with my close friends, and watch comedies. I have 9 rabbits, 5 cats. I like to play with them. The rabbits chase the cats!

What is your favorite position?

Doggy style.

What are your feelings regarding oral sex? Do you like when men cum on your face?

I prefer giving than receiving. I prefer cum in my mouth. But I have a fantasy of many men cumming on my face.

What are your feelings regarding anal sex?

I love anal sex. My first experience was in Paris summer of 2005. I thought we were doing to do doggy but he slipped it in my ass. At first I thought "wait a minute.." but it felt so good. It didn't hurt.

Did you ever try sex with a girl? Do you like girls more, or boys? Why?

Yes. I only had sex with girls on camera because I am too shy to pick up girls in reality. I have no game, haha! But I love women. We are soft and smell good. We are very sexy. I need dick though.

How do you feel regarding sex with 2 or more boys? Have you tried it? Did you like it?

I did. I prefer 1 boy. Threesomes usually leave 1 person out. But 2 dicks surrounding me was quite a turn-on.

Do you like older men?

I love older men. They have experience and I like to call them „daddy”.

Do you prefer small, normal or massive cocks? Have you ever had a penis that was too big?

Sometimes the dick is too big in porn. I have a tight pussy.

Do you have any secret sexual desires? What is it?

I want to see ma best friend get banged and titty-fucked by 4 black men. Ssshh......

What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?

Corset, thong, tights, jewelry.

What do you like the most on your kinky body?

I like my face.When I touch myself, I love the feeling of my soft skin.

Where should a man touch you to excite you the most?

My neck and my back.

In one word how would you describe yourself?


Did you already have an orgasm in front of a camera?

I have one every time I shoot!

What is your opinion of porn films and magazines?

I think it is a art, but most people don't see that. I think most people need it to figure out what turns them on. It makes me horny, I have watched it for years

Do you ever watch your fuck scenes on DVD or on the net? Does it excite you?

Yes I do every week, I type in my name in Google. I don't masturbate to them, I want to see if I did good in the scenes.

Does it excite you that thousands of men and women lust after you?


Did you fuck a porn star (boy or girl) outside the business? Was it exiting for you?

I had sex with a few, never dated one. They're more liberal sexually.

Have you ever had a boyfriend who was a fan of yours?

No. I've only had one boyfriend in my life. He hated it.

In your fantasy, do you wish to fuck with any celebrity?

male: Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey female: Scarlett Johannson

Funny / Interesting Stories?

I'm very clumsy. Last time I was skiing I crashed straight into a tree!

Where was your wildest sexual experience? What was the most thrilling experience you had?

I had sex on my front porch at night while my parents were inside the house. It was very risky. I had sex in bathroom of casino in Las Vegas.